New Appointed Program Director for the University of Pittsburgh EM Residency Program
University of Pittsburgh Physicians Emergency Medicine Announces the Class of 2019
The 2016-2017 Emergecy Medicine Residency Leadership
John F. Mahoney, MD receives the 2016 Sheth Faculty Award
ACEP has turned to Pitt/UPMC to deliver guidance across the country.
Clifton W. Callaway, MD,PhD contributes to CPR article in the New York Times
Pitt EM Researchers Helping Cardiac Arrest Survivors
Please go to the Cardiac Arrest Survivors Support website at to donate
Brian Suffoletto, MD Publishes RCT 9-Month Outcomes
Brian Suffoletto, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Pittsburgh and colleagues recently published 9-month outcomes of a randomized control trial based on a text-message program to reduce binge drinking among young adults. The article was published in PLOSOne on November 18, 2015. They found that participants in the intervention group reported greater reductions in the number of binge drinking days, less drinks per drinking day and lower alcohol-related injury prevalence 6 months after a 3-months intervention period, as compared to participants in the control group
DEM Researchers Win Awards at AHA Meeting
Several DEM researchers win awards at the American Heart Association Resuscitation Science Symposium in Orlando, Florida.
Brian Suffoletto, MD is published in the New Pittsburgh Courier