David Salcido, PhD!
David successfully defended his PhD in Epidemiology. The topic of his research is predicting re-arrest in patients who have initial return of circulation after cardiac arrest.
DEM Teaching Faculty Recognized by Pitt School of Medicine
Dr. Sue Dunmire and Dr. Adam Tobias were recognized by the outgoing 4th year medical student class this weekend.
Pool Injuries Common and Preventable
Dr. Rittenberger discusses common pool injuries with NBC's Linda Carrol.
Emergency Medicine K12 Scholar's Work featured in JAMA
Dr. Jennifer Marin showed an increase in ED visits for brain injury between 2006-2010
Simpler treatment for sepsis called just as effective
The Department of Emergency Medicine and Center for Emergency Medicine highlighted in the current issue of EMS World Magazine
New Sleep Study Begins Enrollment
Dr. Daniel Patterson's new study, "SleepTrackTXTResearch Study" is beginning enrollment. The goal of the study is to track sleep and fatigue in emergency workers in real time. For more details or to enroll, click here.
Dr. Jon Rittenberger, Discusses Weather-Related Injuries as Temperatures Plummet
WTAE noon News-featuring Dr. Jon Rittenberger
DEM Physicians Discuss Dangers of Cold Weather and How to Avoid Them
Dave Bondy's story on the WPXI noon News-featuring Dr. Jon Rittenberger.
DEM Physician Discusses Winter Medical Issues:
Dr. Jon Rittenberger discusses potential dangers