DEM Researchers Win Awards at AHA Meeting

Multiple DEM researchers won awards at the AHA Resuscitation Science Sympoisum this week. Dr. Jonathan Elmer won the best Cardiac Arrest Abstract with his work entitled, "Early withdrawal of life-sustaining therapy for perceived neurological prognosis is associated with excess mortality after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest." Dr. Hiro Naito won the best Trauma Abstract with his work entitled, "Interruptions of views are asociated with failed endotracheal intubation and shallow laryngoscopic blade position is associated with longer attempt time in the prehospital setting."

Ms. Allison Koller won a Young Investigator Award with her abstract entitled, "Incidence of errant shock delivery in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest resuscitation."  

Our visiting scholar, Dr. Chun Song Youn, won a Young Investigator Award from his abstract entitled, "Combination of initial neurologic examination, a quantitative CT scan measure of brain edeme and cEEG to predict outcome after cardiac arrest."