Pitt EM Researchers Helping Cardiac Arrest Survivors

Over 300,000 Americans have their hearts stop yearly. Nationally, less than 10% survive and of those who do, there seems to be a large burden of depression and anxiety. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Cardiac Arrest Survival (CCAS) are hoping to assess this mental health burden and are reaching out to the community to help.

As part of a Pitt research project, CCAS faculty member, Dr. Ankur Doshi , is providing home-based CPR training kits to cardiac arrest survivors hoping to affect the rates of depression and anxiety. The Center is spearheading a crowdfunding campaign through the University of Pittsburgh to raise money for these kits.

With the decline of government funding of scientific research, projects like this are increasingly reliant on people like you. The CCAS researchers want you to join life-saving work by donating to is campaign. Please go to the Cardiac Arrest Survivors Support website at https://engage.pitt.edu/cardiacarrest to donate and/or learn more!