2020 Pennsylvania College of Emergency Physicians Meritorious Service Award


Clifton W. Callaway, MD, PhD, Executive Vice Chair and Professor (tenured) of Emergency Medicine, University of Pittsburgh and UPMC, was chosen for the 2020 Pennsylvania College of Emergency Physicians Meritorious Service Award. The College shared the “why” – things we all know about this gifted, dedicated and world-class person and partner:

On behalf of the Pennsylvania College of Emergency Physicians (PACEP) and our over 1800 members, it is my distinct pleasure to inform you that you have been named a recipient of the PACEP Meritorious Service Award. This award recognizes a PACEP member who has made a significant contribution to emergency medicine in the Commonwealth. Your nominator discussed in detail your international renown as a researcher in the field of resuscitation and post-cardiac arrest care and the exemplary way you have applied that expertise to improve the care and outcomes of patients in Pennsylvania. As important is your status as a mentor and role model to a whole generation of leaders in the field of  cardiac arrest research, many of whom carry on this important work to the benefit of all Pennsylvanians. Your induction into the National Academy of Medicine in 2019 represents one of the highest achievements that any physician-scientist can attain. It is our honor in PACEP to call you a member, colleague, and now recipient of our Meritorious Service Award.