The Emergency Medical Services Agency Research Network was established by Dr. Daniel Patterson in 2010 as a multi-year multi-site research project. EMSARN was a 5-year effort with the following goals:

1. to characterize quality and safety conditions in EMS

2. to examine the reliability and validity of quality and safety measures/tools and

    develop new measures

3. to develop quality and safety toolkits

4. to provide participating EMS agencies with comparative reports for quality and

    safety improvement purposes

5. to improve safety in EMS

From 2010 to 2014 more than 65 EMS agencies participated in variety of research projects that addressed patient adverse events, safety culture, fatigue and sleep, teamwork, and turnover. Investigators issued more than 200 comparative reports and summary briefs to participating EMS agencies. Data from EMSARN research projects have been published in 11 peer-reviewed manuscripts and 2 book chapters. We also produced 30 podcasts to complement our research and educate the EMS constituency.

We are proud of EMSARN’s accomplishments and humbled by the support received from the Center for Leadership, Innovation, and Research in EMS (www.clirems.org), the Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Foundation (www.pemf.net), and Department of Emergency Medicine of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (www.emergencymedicine.pitt.edu).

EMSARN Investigators:

P. Daniel Patterson, PhD, NRP (Principal Investigator)

Matthew D. Weaver, PhD, EMT-P

Henry Wang, MD, MS

Terry Fairbanks, MD, MS

David Hostler, PhD, EMT-P

Michael Hubble, PhD

Francis X. Guyette, MD, MS

Jon Rittenberger, MD, MS

Christian Martin-Gill, MD, MPH

David T. Huang, MD, MPH

Judy Lave, PhD

David Krackhardt, PhD

Robert Arnold, MD

Donald Yealy, MD

Research Assistants:

Charley Warner

Rachel Frank


Maureen Morgan

Beth Wesolowski


Gary Wingrove

Jeff Lindsey

Tom Judge