Applying to Our Program

University of Pittsburgh SealWe typically begin to extend invitations to interview about 1-2 weeks after the MSPE is released via interview broker. We will begin to compile a waitlist that will be updated on a rolling basis. If you have not heard from us by mid-November, please feel free to contact us for an update on your status.

Please keep in mind that we receive many more applications from qualified students than we could possibly interview. We are, unfortunately, limited in the number of interviews we can offer. We develop a waitlist so that if an applicant offered an interview declines, we can then offer a spot to another qualified applicant. If for some reason you must cancel your interview with us, please do so two weeks in advance to ensure adequate time for others to schedule.  If at any point after the MSPE is available, you receive a new SLOE or Step 2 score, please email Crystal Maki at with the update, so that we can review your application again.

We will review each student’s qualifications once their entire application is complete.

We are a diverse and inclusive community and everyone is welcome at our program.


The University of Pittsburgh / University of Pittsburgh Physicians Department of Emergency Medicine prioritizes a diverse, supportive environment for our faculty, our trainees, and our patients. We believe that diversity in all forms, including race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and religious backgrounds, is important to the career growth of providers and the health of our patients.  We are committed to recruiting and fostering a department composed of compassionate, impactful leaders in emergency care. We also seek to engage local community organizations as partners to achieve these goals.

Application Process

The application process begins with the Electronic Residency Application Service.

The following documents must be submitted to ERAS:

  • Common Application form
  • Dean's Letter (MSPE)
  • Official medical school transcript
  • Three letters of recommendation (maximum of 4)
  • USMLE transcript
  • Personal Statement
  • Photo 

The deadline for applications is October 31st.
Interviews are granted by invitation only.
Residents are selected through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) on the uniform resident selection date.


For the 2023 ERAS® cycle, our program will be collecting and reviewing data from applicants’ supplemental ERAS applications. Completion of the standard MyERAS application is a requirement; completion of the supplemental ERAS application is optional.

In its second year of use, the supplemental ERAS application is designed to help applicants share more information about themselves and assist our program in finding applicants that fit our program’s setting and mission. There is no cost to applicants and participation is optional.

The supplemental ERAS application provides:

  • geographic preferences (by division and by urban or rural setting);
  • information about an applicant’s most meaningful experiences and other impactful life events, if applicable; and
  • program signals.

The supplemental ERAS application will be delivered on a survey platform that is separate from the MyERAS application and must be completed between August 1 and September 16, 2022.

Learn more about the AAMC supplemental ERAS application.

Interview Information

In line with ACGME guidelines, all interviews for the 2022-2023 recruitment season will be held virtually. University of Pittsburgh will be conducting interviews on the Zoom platform. Applicants granted an interview will receive an email with interview dates and can choose the time and date which best fits their schedule. Interviews are held on Monday, Thursday, and Friday in October through December.
Applicants will speak with several faculty members, as well as current residents.
Throughout the interview day, we will share some information about what our beautiful city has to offer, both as a resident physician and regarding living in the city of Pittsburgh!
You can expect to spend about 3 hours getting to know our program and interviewing.

If you are seeking the opportunity to visit our city in person to see for yourself how neighborly we are, please check out the helpful information below:

Outside view of 230 McKee Place

Helpful Information:

Our Address:

Emergency Medicine Residency
230 McKee Place, Suite 500
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone:  412-647-8283
Fax:  412-647-8225